Offer your personal services to your guests

What do you offer that others don't? Optional breakfast, laundry service, bike rental, ...

Guide your guests to the best food

You know best which restaurants nearby are the most delicious - recommend them to your guests or partner with them to give your guests a discount!

Make food orders super easy

Your guests don't know your address - and they shouldn't have to! Just let them use our built-in feature to order food in the most convenient way. All required information like address, apartment etc. will be pre-filled!

Show the most beautiful spots

There are secret tips for the most beautiful places around? Or just a few must-sees when staying in your place? Share all your tips and secrets with your guests - they will love you for it!

Taxi services

Why let your guests search for the number of a taxi driver or put any effort into organizing transportation?
It's simple - they can book a taxi using vStaytion. Of course, pickup address is already pre-filled.


You changed the towels or the sheets, the apartment has been cleaned or you just want to send your guests a warm "Welcome!"? Let them know by sending a notification directly to the vStaytion at your place.


Hopefully, your guests will be fine. But maybe, they need to call you and their phones don't work in a foreign country. In case of an emergency, vStaytion offers free SOS-calls, so your guests don't have to look up your local emergency number.

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